Living means being in relationship. It is my intention 
to support you in exploring how you relate to and make 
contact with yourself, others, and your environment. 
Healing takes place within the unique therapeutic relationship, therefore establishing a genuine, trusting relationship is absolutely essential. I provide a secure and compassionate environment and I am committed to an engaged and lively process that will support you in your journey. 

As a Gestalt Therapist I use an experiential, body-centered approach that focuses on the acceptance, exploration and integration of your authentic experience in the moment. This approach recognizes that our bodies and our emotions hold tremendous wisdom. I will facilitate this process collaboratively and respectfully so you can express yourself, expand your awareness, and examine the patterns and beliefs about yourself that create inner conflict and struggles. You will discover options and choices, and access your potential, so you can find satisfying answers to your questions and concerns. Working with a relational, present moment approach can help to decrease anxiety and increase a sense of aliveness and being grounded within your experience.

I combine my knowledge and training in Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology with mindfulness practices and other methods from various spiritual wisdom traditions. The field of Transpersonal psychology is concerned with discovering our true nature and purpose, as well as fostering and integrating human potential beyond our usual levels of functioning. It offers a holistic perspective by integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Together we will work with all of your experiences, on a personal, existential or transpersonal level. Symptoms express the inherent potential of every human being for self-healing and are treated as an opportunity and agent for growth.

This integrative approach draws on my experience working with trauma, addiction/recovery, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, attachment, grief and loss, women’s issues, prenatal and postpartum counseling, life transitions, couples, families and groups, as well as contemplative practices, ritual work, and the artistic/creative process.

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